Seven Bullets One Gun - A Whodunnit Play In 7 Releases


In 2017 / 18 The Spinshots will produce 7 singles that will together make one album. On each song, we get to know a little bit more about a murdered girl - or about a potential murderer.


In ‘Seven Bullets, One Gun’, the main character, Nadia Miroslava, is kidnapped to be endowed by force to the winner of a game of Russian Roulette. However, Nadia is smarter than the last survivor and kills him with his own gun, stating ‘A girl can not be merchandised’. She disappears with the dowry.


The other track of the first EP is called ‘Slipstream of a Dream’ and tells the story of a slightly younger Nadia, who elopes from her drunk mother and flees with a group of circus artists, destination unknown.


The Spinshots call their music ‘Neo Exotica’, which translates to a wild take on 60s musical curiosity. ‘Seven Bullets, One Gun’ opens the album with an upbeat, 60s-pop-like catchy dancehall floor filler - but note the odd count initiating the chorusses - something’s fishy here. At ‘Slipstream of a Dream’ the Exotic drips in by fuzzy Sitar licks and ‘Balkan style’ horn melodies. And this is just the start guys - a promise has been made…


The first EP ‘Seven Bullets, One Gun / Slipstream of a Dream is brought out on vinyl by Tardam Records, an Italian / Dutch record label that specializes in gorgeous neo 60s sounds.


Single release show: 21st of July 

Location: Pacific Parc, Amsterdam

Time: 23:00

Damage: €5


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We're very proud to present our first album. We did everything in our power to bring to you the best we could. If you are interested, here are the links:


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